Lucy May's Care Guide

We want you to keep your lingerie looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. To help look after these exquisite fabrics, we recommend you hand wash your Lucy May lingerie pieces.

  • Fill a sink or bowl with luke warm water and then add a small amount of hand wash detergent.
  • For stubborn stains, pre-treat your straps and underarm elastics with extra detergent by gently rubbing the fabric.
  • Place your garment under the water and soak for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove and rinse well under a tap or in a fresh bowl of water until the garment is no longer soapy.
  • Gently press the water out of your garment by hand, but do not wring, as this could distort your wires.
  •  Lay your garment flat on a towel to dry, gently pressing any excess water out.

Once dry, we recommend you store your bras flat in your lingerie draw. This is particularly important for your padded, moulded styles to maintain the shape. They can be positioned one inside the other to help with space, but not folded in half with one cup inside the other, as this could distort your cup.

Love Lucy May. X