We have a passionate love affair with lingerie and...

...we love all that is romance and erotic fiction. We read for hours on end losing ourselves in a beautiful dream world... where we become inspired when creating our lingerie...

We immerse ourselves in book groups and forums who love this genre. We enjoy many authors work and poetry too, sharing our support and appreciation through various writers platforms.

We have a particular love of Oscar Wilde... his quotations have become a mantra!


Lucy May works alongside a close knit team who have years of experience in the lingerie industry, working with leading edge and major global brands. The team have an array of exceptional skills in design, sourcing, technical, merchandising and manufacture.


Lucy May Lingerie exudes exquisite design, beautiful fit and exceptional quality, offering affordable luxury.

The brand has recognised a specific niche for beautiful, sensual lingerie that can be worn everyday in and out of the bedroom, this is aimed at ‘real women’ who want to feel good all day long, accentuate their curves and ooze confidence.


Quality and fit is of paramount importance to Lucy May.

We have designed and engineered our own moulds that are imprinted on the super soft inner cups with Lucy May. Our moulds are unique and we have worked tirelessly on fit to ensure comfort and shape are achieved.

Our moulds portray an natural looking cleavage, that is flattering under your clothes. Ultimately, they give you a lovely forward profile.

Our non pad bras are designed to fit beautifully, they are the ultimate in comfort ensuring all proportions look natural and posture is upheld throughout.

Our fabrics are confined to Lucy May and form the basis of our signature offering to run in many colours throughout the season.


Lucy May’s luxury items have been designed and styled with ‘real women’ in mind. Women who have shapely curves should have knickers that fit beautifully around the contours of their body. Lucy May has really focused on this issue, ensuring the fit and coverage is generous through the sizes.

We believe your dress size should compliment your brief size. There will be no need to go up a size to achieve a realistic fit which in itself brings lower self esteem and reduced body confidence.


The book illustrates the beginning of our journey, it gives an insight into my world and the rhythmic copy encapsulates you into complete escapism.

Our signature lingerie in this book has been designed and produced to captivate the brand, Lucy May and our vision.

We have now brought to life Maybella to entice you on the road to all that is Lucy May.

Lose yourself in the vision enhanced through (erotic infused) poetry written exclusively by Richard C. Bower.

He has been recognised and acknowledged by Nottinghamshire County council as one of the most prominent writers and poets in the area.

We would like to thank Richard C. Bower for putting into words our thoughts en-wrapped in sensual escapism.